Joash Njani

Meet joash Njani a diligent,ambitious and a passionate horticulturist who found himself blending with plants from a young age .Known to be the team leader of the Horticulture student association(HOSA) which is known as a practising ground for Horticultural students in jkuat-Horticulture department but also a platform for youth empowerment in the society.He has led the team in scaling up higher heights in the horticulture industry including coming up with the one and only sweetpotatoe seedlings,setting up of a good upto standard reputable vegetable nursery that can produce upto 200,000 pieces of seedlings a month, greenhouse construction and maintanance,nethouse construction,nursery construction,farm machinery operation,nurturing of young horticulturalists,agronomists and most importantly Agriprenuers.